Who We Are

Welcome to Histoma

Empowering Post-Conflict Coffee Farmers and Enriching Global Roasters

At Histoma, we believe in the transformative power of coffee and the incredible stories that lie within every bean. We are a company dedicated to sourcing and promoting coffee produced by post-conflict small farmers from around the world, connecting them with roasters who appreciate the unique flavors and journey behind each cup.

Our mission is rooted in empowering communities affected by conflict, creating sustainable livelihoods, and fostering economic growth. We work closely with small-scale coffee farmers who have persevered through challenging circumstances, and we strive to showcase their exceptional coffee to roasters worldwide.

What sets Histoma apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and social impact. We meticulously select the finest coffee beans, ensuring that they meet our strict standards for flavor, aroma, and ethical production practices.

By partnering with post-conflict farmers, we contribute to their economic rehabilitation, helping them rebuild their lives and create a brighter future for their families and communities. When you choose Histoma, you’re not only indulging in exceptional coffee; you’re also making a conscious choice to support positive change. Every purchase directly benefits the farmers, allowing them to reinvest in their farms, improve their infrastructure, and access educational and healthcare opportunities. Through your partnership, we can drive social progress and uplift the post-conflict regions that have been historically marginalized. Join us on this remarkable journey of taste and transformation.

Explore our collection of post-conflict coffees, each with a captivating narrative and a distinctive flavor profile. Experience the rich complexities and the notes of resilience that make these coffees truly extraordinary. At Histoma, we invite you to be a part of the coffee revolution that celebrates the human spirit and promotes a more inclusive and sustainable world. Together, let’s savor each sip and ignite positive change, one cup at a time. Discover the untold stories of post-conflict coffee, and together, let’s brew a brighter future.